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Personal Projects
+ Sound Effects - This is a sound effects soundboard made up of some of the most recognizable sounds, ringtones, and notifications. It includes some hilarious quotations from movies and T.V. shows such as "Superbad" and "Family Guy".

+ Charlie Sheen Soundboard - This is a great soundboard of the infamous actor, Charlie Sheen. Whether you're a regular "Winner", or just a fan of Anger Management, this app will definitely give you Tiger Blood. 

+ Christian Bale Soundboard - Christian Bale is a crazy actor who has had some close calls with the media. Most notably his freakout on the set of Terminator: Salvation. This epic soundboard documents that entire rant in a great way to prank call your friends.

+ Go SMS Pro Themes 
- Megan Fox Theme
Dark Knight Rises Theme

Font SMS Package (Lite) - A free font package app for a text messaging client. Has over 75 free fonts to import into Go SMS Pro, Handcent, Chomp SMS, Go Launcher, and Go Keyboard.

Font SMS Package (Suite) - A pro version of Font SMS (Lite) that is only $0.99 and contains over 250 fonts for your texting client.
Collaboration Projects
+ Font SMS Pro / Font SMS Ultimate - Collaboration project with StarrLite Media. Allows users to set a different font package to their SMS messages. 

Coming Soon...
+ Unit Converter
+ Go Development Customizer